my plan

Strange & Troubling Times

Oh okay, so Strange but not so much Troubling. But I'm listening to the new Dave Matthews CD and it certainly seems troubling. (I love that guy!!)

Here's the thing. Work has been crazybusy. I was at the office 12 hours yesterday, and hard back at it by 7:30 this a.m. Did I mention that deadlines suck? Suck bad!! Anyway, I crawled home from work yesterday, sat my ass down and ate 16 points worth of Tombstone pizza. Unshockingly enough, the Scalegod this morning was up 1.2 pounds.

(Oh. Wait. Backtrack a little there. My last entry I said I was up, too. But after that it went down. So now it's back up. Not up more. Just wanted to be clear.)

I am in despair over the official Weigh In tomorrow morning. I am in despair about making my little step goal of being under 184.8 by Oct 29.

Of course, just for perspective, I didn't eat over my FlexPoints. Pizza and all, WW says I still have 18.5 FlexPoints left for the week. And the week ends tonight.

Could be worse, I guess. Could also be a helluva lot better! LOL.

In case you couldn't tell, this entry is me psyching myself up for disappointment tomorrow morning. This is me reminding myself that the number I get tomorrow has NO RELATION to the work I've put in this week and it will balance out in the end.

The sad thing is I know that. I really do. I also know that weighing in tomorrow -- I could go either way. I could take it in stride. Or I could step directly off the scale and into the drivethru lane at McDonald's for a bacon, egg & cheese biscuit.

I may be fat, but the line -- the line, friends -- is very thin.