my plan

Bionic Feet!

Bea and I walked 8.5 miles on the canal today. My feet did NOT start throwing tantrums at mile 6. Nor 7. Nor even 8. I was dog tired by the time we got back to the bridge to the parking lot -- boy howdy! -- but my feet were feeling just fine. Thanks to the cool new shoes and the fancy new-fangled inserts the kid bought me.

I played around a little bit with my sidebar, I'm still not sure I'm happy with how everything is fitting, but at least I got the reading/writing sections up. And the section titled "the number in my head" for my short-term goal.

Other than that, I got some laundry done -- after this morning (and, as an aside, my apologies to everyone at the Silver Diner -- we were too tired and too hungry to hit the showers first) I was absolutely OUT of clean workout clothes and tomorrow is Monday and Monday is Curves!

I love Curves, have I mentioned? It goes so fast I can't believe it's over when it's over and on Friday I wore 3 rubberbands on my left wrist, transferring one band each time I started a new round, so I wouldn't lose count. Seemed to work -- though I'm likely the only one that can't keep track of where she is for 30 minutes.