my plan

Lawnchair Volley Ball

Today was sort of a mixed bag of running around and not getting very far. :-) But it ended with a rousing game of lawnchair volley ball at my friend Cee's house -- so all's well that ends well. I wonder how many calories that was?

And then I come home and find that my friend Cindy came by and read my blog. I met Cindy on a writing board and then, in real life last October at a conference, and her answer today to my complaints about not having written very much was -- "Well it is just not true that you haven't been writing. You've been writing your blog! . . . A blog is as good as a book and in some ways better because you get new stuff every day and it's real. I'm a sucker for biography & autobiography so this genre fits me well."

Which is very much like what I was saying earlier about how much I'm enjoying Mo's stuff -- but NOT something I'd thought of in connection to MY stuff. So hearing that from Cindy was a real boost.

Off to bed -- gotta hit the canal in the morning!

Eventually I'll get over the compulsion to link to Mo's journal. But not today, obviously.

I think I may have gotten Cindy hooked on Mo, too. Whee!