my plan

According to the Scalegod

...I've gained 1.4 pounds since Wednesday.

Only, that can't be true. I've had a stellar past two days here. Worked out. Drank all my water. And used a whopping grand total of 4 FlexPoints.

The rings on my fingers are physical proof of just how much water I am retaining. Plus, I'm just about exactly in the middle of my cycle -- 2 weeks + 1 day after the start of my last period. For whatever reason, this is routinely a hard time for me, weight-wise.

I have to say that I'm really glad I made that connection. If I weren't blogging this process, I might have missed it -- In which case I probably would have started cursing fate, eating like a crazy person, and forget all about My So Called Program.

Instead, I'm cursing my hormones and keeping my eyes on the prize. The Scalegod (recalcitrant bastard!) will catch up with me eventually.

Tonight might be a challenge, though.

Tonight I'm having dinner with the bride's party. (The wedding is the 11th.) Sort of a bachelorette kind of thing, except I'm only staying for dinner and a couple of drinks. After that, they're heading out to hit the "hot" spots. I'm sure the D.C. area is no different than any other largish area -- in that, there are different kinds of "hot" spots.

Now, I'm not much for clubbing in general. Too much smoke, too little fun. And the first one they're planning to hit is a notorious meat market -- for rich old men and pretty young things. Being neither, I was basically dreading the evening. Until I realized I could pull the age card!!

Finally, something USEFUL about being forty-frickin-one.

In other news, Moveable Type makes it WAY too easy to start new blogs and I am on the verge of opening a writing page. Where the theme of this page is water, the theme of the writing page is blood.

Make of that what you will.